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General Information you need to know about your California Uninsured Motorist or California Underinsured Motorist Accident Cases

  • If you have already been in an accident in which the other driver was either uninsured or under-insured in the State of California, we highly recommend that you stop reading right now, and call our law firm for a free telephone consultation at (800) 816-1529, Ext. 1. We will tell you over the telephone if we think that you have a case and whether we can help you.
  • If we believe we can help you, and you decide to retain us, we can then send our investigator to you with all of the legal forms necessary for you to retain our law firm.
  • If you do not have medical insurance or a medical provider, we can immediately refer you to an appropriate doctor near you for medical treatment. (Yes, even if you do not have medical insurance)
  • Yes, this can all be accomplished with one phone call to our law firm. We try to make the process as simple as possible for you.

Uninsured, Under-insured Motorist Coverage

All car accidents are frightening and distressing. Finding out that you have been hit by an uninsured motorist or under-insured driver can certainly make a stressful ordeal a lot more worrisome.

How will you pay your medical expenses when the other driver is uninsured? What if a passenger inside your car is seriously injured? Who pays to repair the vehicle?

Do not worry, you can get a free consultation from  a California uninsured motorist and under-insured accident attorney at The Law Offices of Norman Gregory Fernandez & Associates on your uninsured motorist accident or under-insured motorist accident by calling 800-816-1529 x. 1, 24 hours a day or by clicking here now.

Your Own Insurance policy

Many car accident victims think that they are out of luck when they are hit by an uninsured or under-insured driver. Our uninsured motorist lawyers can explain how you can either change your own personal auto insurance policy to make sure you are covered in such cases as well as in hit and run car accidents, or utilize your insurance policy in case you already have had an accident involving an uninsured or underinsured driver.

Everyone who purchases auto insurance in California must be offered uninsured motorist insurance coverage. Except in cases where you refused this coverage in writing, your insurance policy most probably includes coverage for accidents involving uninsured and hit and run drivers. You may also have purchased underinsured motorist insurance coverage.

Your uninsured motorist coverage insures you as well as the passengers within your vehicle who suffer bodily harm caused by a driver with no insurance. If an additional driver is using your car with your permission, he or she may also covered by your UM (uninsured motorist) insurance coverage, it all depends on your policy. You should not allow anyone to use your car with your permission unless they are fully insured, or covered by your insurance.

Underinsured motorist (UIM) insurance coverage is similar to uninsured motorist coverage. This type of insurance pays the difference between the other driver’s insurance limits and the total damages for bodily injury. For example, if the other driver’s insurance policy covers $15,000 – the minimum in California – and medical bills with regard to your injuries are actually $50,000, your under-insured motorist insurance coverage will pay the remaining $35,000, based on your policy limitations. UM and UIM insurance coverage are actually often offered as a package deal, or in most cases all combined under UM.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

If your claim exceeds the limits of your UM/UIM coverage, we will look to your policy’s personal injury protection (PIP). This particular coverage typically pays for medical bills, loss of work income, as well as accidental death and funeral costs no matter who was at fault in the accident.

For most people insurance policies tend to be complicated to read and almost impossible to understand. Our personal injury attorneys can interpret the policy into straightforward English (or Spanish) and explain exactly what is covered and what is not. Even more importantly, we will advocate on your behalf to ensure that you receive the full amount of compensation you deserve in your accident.

Dangerous Roadways

Uninsured as well as underinsured drivers present a huge problem in California. While the rate of uninsured motorists has decreased in recent years, greater than 14 % of drivers remain uninsured or lack full coverage. Review by the California Department of Insurance reveals that uninsured and underinsured drivers are more likely to be involved in accidents than insured drivers. They have a tendency to be young, male, and less prosperous drivers whose cars and trucks are older and much less safe. Uninsured drivers are on the roadways right beside us. They place responsible, insured drivers at risk every day.

Insurance companies will not give you what you are entitled to without a Lawyer

There is a reason that personal injury lawyers exist. That reason is that for-profit insurance companies will do everything in their power to minimize their payout to you so that they remain profitable.

You might think that because your insurance company pays to fix your vehicle that they will also give you what you are entitled to for your uninsured motorist accident or under-insured motorist accident – wrong, they won’t in most cases unless you have an attorney.

You see these types of claims usually involve much more money than property damage; dealing with your insurance company on uninsured motorist claims or under-insured motorist claims is almost like dealing with a defendant 3rd party insurance company.

In a case that might be worth tens of thousands of dollars or more, they may offer literally pennies on the dollar.

Let’s say your claim may be valued at $50,000, your insurance company may offer $5,000 just to get rid of you. If you take the $5,000 you may think you got a good deal; WRONG, you just lost out on $50,000.

Insurance adjusters do this do people who don’t have lawyers each and every day. Do not make the mistake of not retaining an attorney for your California Uninsured motorist case, or you California Under-insured motorist case.

You have no clue what you are entitled to and how to get it, we do, and that is why we exist.

Our law firm handles uninsured motorist and under-insured motorist cases all over the State of California, for a free consultation on your uninsured motorist case, or your under-insured motorist case, call us 24 hours a day at 800-816-1529 x. 1.

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