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California Amusement Park (Theme Park, County Fair, Carnival) Accident Cases

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California Amusement Park Accidents Cases, (Theme Park, County Fair, Carnival)

Amusement Park Accidents

California, especially Southern California, has many amusement parks, and theme parks which boast some of the biggest and baddest roller coasters, thrill rides in the nation. Obviously these rides can be very fun, however when things go wrong, incredibly serious accidents can and do occur which has and can cause severe injury as well as death.

Southern California is the Amusement Park and Theme Park Capital of the World

Southern California has numerous amusement parks and theme parks such as, Knott’s Berry Farm, Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, Raging Waters, Knott’s Soak City Water Park, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, Wild Rivers, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Knott’s Berry Farm, Legoland, Sea World, Santa Monica Boardwalk, Belmont Park, San Diego Zoo, and the San Diego Wild Animal Park, and Universal Studios, among others that offer rides.

Northern California also has its share of Amusement Parks and Theme Parks

Northern California has amusement parks and theme parks such as California’s Great America in Santa Clara, Gilroy Gardens, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, and the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

There are also many County Fairs across California which boasts thrill rides, as well as private carnivals which also have thrill rides.

Most people in their wildest dreams do not think about getting injured when they take their family and friends to a California amusement park, theme park, county fair, or carnival.

You should know that serious injuries do in fact take place more frequently than you think at Amusement parks, theme parks, county fairs, and carnivals.

Roller coasters and some other thrill rides are dangerous and possibly deadly. You should take as many safety precautions as you can when riding some of these rides.

The easiest way to reduce your chances of getting injured on a roller coaster or other thrill ride is by simply making sure you are properly secured before the ride takes off. If you do not think you are adequately secured in your cart, notify the operator before the ride begins.

With respect to your children, you as parents play a huge factor in preventing accidental death or injury to your children at Amusement Parks. Many of the rides have height limits. In their zeal to show their kids a good time, many parents will try to get their children on a ride which they are not tall enough for. You should ask yourself whether it is worth risking your child’s life just to get them on a ride. Of course it is not. Do not let your child get on a ride which they are not big enough for.

Further, you should ensure that your children are safely secured on rides. Do not be bashful, ask the ride attendant to allow you to make sure your kids are safely secured on rides before allowing the ride to start.

Observe your children on the ride. If they start to panic or start to squirm out of their seat notify the ride operator immediately to stop the ride. You need to treat this as an emergency. Little kids have been known to squirm out of their seats on even the most innocuous children’s rids and suffer injury or death.

Here are some additional methods you can use to prevent roller coaster accidents:

  • Do not ride when you currently have in injury. An amusement park ride can only worsen the problem.
  • Keep all of your limbs within the cart. Many roller coaster rides are designed to restrict a person’s movement for this reason.
  • Do not take items that might fly out of your possession with you on a ride. Those belongings might be dangerous to you or others if they escape your grip at a fast speed.
  • Be mindful of what is around you. Pay attention to each of the speed changes and obstacles which may come your way.
  • Make certain you only go where you are meant to go. Stay out of places that only operators and maintenance workers are supposed to be.

Primary Causes of Amusement Park, Theme Park, County Fair, Carnival, Thrill Ride, and Roller Coaster Accidents

In spite of taking safety precautions, people still get severely injured or even killed while on amusement park rides. Listed below are the primary causes of roller coaster accidents:

  • Faulty safety harnesses or safety belts
  • Negligent maintenance of the roller coaster track or carts
  • Negligent Engineering
  • Cart derailment
  • Broken carts
  • Careless operation of the roller coaster
  • Flying debris on or near the coaster track

Because amusement parks have been pushing some rides to the absolute limit, we have also seen Thrill Ride Accidents where the head and neck restraint caused the head to move left and right due to G forces, into the head restraint causing concussion and whiplash type of injuries.

In addition to injuries which may occur while riding the roller coasters, thrill rides or other theme park rides, standard premises liability accidents such as slip and fall, trip and fall accidents or negligent security also occur, which could also cause injury.

Getting injured while you’re supposed to be having a great time on a thrill ride or roller coaster is very tragic.

Fortunately, we can offer you assistance in your time of need.

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