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Confessions of a Jaywalker
California Vehicle Code section 21590 creates a “presumptive” pedestrian right to cross at an intersection, even if a crosswalk hasn’t been painted on the asphalt and there are no lights.

Norman Gregory Fernandez‘s insight:

Never jaywalk unless it is completely safe. There may be a presumptive right of way for people crossing the street, even when there is no crosswalk. But there is also a California jury instruction that makes the pedestrian at fault when they dart into a street giving vehicle drivers no time to avoid them.

Your life is not worth the risk. In a pedestrian v. vehicle, the vehicle always wins.

I have done many catastrophic pedestrian accident cases. You may have a great lawsuit, but at what cost to your body. It is not worth it.

Cross the street at marked crosswalks, and better, a place where there are stop signs or traffic signals. Look both ways before crossing.


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