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Once your California Personal Injury case goes into litigation you can expect a few things to happen.

  • You will be requested to answer written discovery;
  • You will be requested to produce documents and photographs for inspection;
  • The defendant may request that you attend an independent medical evaluation by their doctor;
  • You may have your testimony taken in a deposition at an attorney’s office;
  • You may have to attend a court ordered mediation;
  • You may have to attend a mandatory settlement conference; and
  • You may have to go to trial.

This may sound like it is way too much to handle just to get the compensation you are entitled to in your California Personal Injury case, but don’t worry, you hired our law firm for a reason.

We will assist you in getting through the entire process. We have handled a huge number of these cases, and this is what we do for a living.

Imagine the poor soul who thought that they could do their case without an attorney!

In our experience, 97% of all cases will settle before going to trial.

If we have to go to trial, we will be ready and we will make sure you are ready.


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