Choosing a lawyer for your California car accident case

California Personal Injury Lawyer and Attorney, Norman Gregory Fernandez California Personal Injury Lawyer and Attorney, Norman Gregory Fernandez

A car accident just like any other legal civil case, has a plaintiff (person suing) and a defendant (person being sued). However, irrespective of the side you are on, you need to understand your rights when it comes to dealing with such cases. In addition, finding a competent lawyer will help you understand your legal rights better and help you to get the required guidance before taking the appropriate legal step necessary to do your case.

Getting the best lawyer can be an expensive affair if you retain the wrong one. Moreover, knowing where to actually search for a good lawyer is also not easy. One can rely on information from online sources, family and friends for advice but, there are lawyers whose reputation, professionalism and experience exceed one’s expectations. A good example is Norman Gregory Fernandez.

Tips to Finding the Best Attorney

Examine His/her Experience- Your family or friends may offer advice that is well intended. However, when it comes to legal issues, your lawyer should be experienced in dealing with real and actual legal concerns that effect their clients. You can be assured that Norman Gregory Fernandez, with his many years of experience, will give the much needed legal guidance you are looking for.

Do Not Rely Heavily on The Internet. Online information will never replace the experience lawyers have in the industry. In addition, you should never represent yourself, not having a lawyer will cost you just as much as having a bad lawyer in the long run.

Check the Lawyer’s Area of Specialization- For car accident cases, you need a car accident attorney to help you pursue the case successfully.

Understand Types of Legal Fees– For car accident cases, and personal injury cases, clients usually retain attorneys on a contingency fee basis, which is no money out of your pocket unless you recover money and of the case. Still, some attorneys require a deposit in advance for advance costs and expenses, in case you decide not pursue the case further. If it’s used up, you may have to pay an additional amount for expenses.

Why Hire Norman Gregory Fernandez for your Car Accident case?

Norman Gregory Fernandez is a 10 rated licensed lawyer practicing law in the state of California. He is experienced in the field of personal injury claims and has been in the field since 1997. Since then, he has maintained a track record of many successful cases under his law firm.

The Law Offices of Norman Gregory Fernandez & Associates, handles accident cases throughout the state of California, has meeting locations throughout California, and his prelitigation operations are based in Huntington Beach, for the entire state of California,

California. Victims of car, bike and truck crashes or other auto accidents anywhere in California have hired him because he offers top notch legal services. You can also expect the following with your California car accident case;

Any location in California-Attorney Fernandez is Clients appreciate the fact that his team handle car accident cases all over California.

Get the best Medical Attention after the Injury– Clients that have suffered from auto accidents, in most cases can get the best medical attention from the best doctors around California, if they sign up with Norman Gregory Fernandez, even if they have no medical insurance in the first place.

You only pay if you win the case– Contingency fees are only paid after obtaining a settlement, or winning the law suit. Most accident victims believe that they might have to pay some retainer fees upfront before pursuing a car accident case, or personal injury case this is not the case.

Strive to Get You the Best Compensation– Norman struggles to get his clients the best available compensation even if it means going to trial, and expending capital to do so.


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